Are you interested in knowing what you are REALLY spending on your technology costs?

Do you want to know what it COSTS YOU each YEAR in REAL DOLLARS during downtime?

Would you like to be able to SAVE as much as 50% of your current IT costs?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, we CAN HELP! Take less than 5 minutes to
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Step One:  Tell us who you are?
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Step Two:  Tell us about
* What is your Organization’s Gross Revenue?
* How many employees are there on your computer network?     
* How many servers are there in your organization?     
* What is the average salary per employee?
* Total Employees Yearly Payroll:

Step Three:Tell us about the vendors you manage?
As I am sure you are aware, there are a lot of vendors you have to deal with. This includes telephone vendors (i.e. Verizon), Internet Providers (i.e. Verizon, Comcast, Cox), Email Providers, Printer Vendors, Copier Vendors, Hardware Vendors, Web Hosting Vendors, Cell Phone Vendors, etc. These next few questions are going to help you determine how much it costs you to deal with all of these vendors.
* What is the first name of the person who manages your vendor relationship? (this is usually your office manager)     
* How many vendors does office manager have to manage?     
* How many hours per week does office manager spend on managing vendors each week?     
* What is office manager's annual salary?

Step Four: Tell us how you manage your IT issues?
* What is the first name of the person who takes care of your in-house IT issues?
(for example, items such as managing back-ups, rebooting pc’s, etc.)
* How many hours per week does computer manager spend performing IT functions?     
* What is computer manager's annual salary?

Step Five: Tell us about your Computer Troubles?
* How many hours per week is your email system down?   
* How many hours per week is your internet service down or having problems?   
* How many hours per week do you spend rebooting your servers and desktops to solve computer

Step Six:  Tell us about your current technology support?
* Do you currently have an existing IT provider?   Yes  No